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Approved! Just Kidding…One More Change

“Approved! Just Kidding…One More Change”

You are at the grocery store in the check-out line. It is your turn, and you have been waiting for a while. The cashier rings up all of your items, takes your coupons, bags it all up, hands you your receipt, and you are off to the races…BUT NO. “Ma’am excuse me ma’am, I am so sorry I just realized that I missed one of your items. I’ll need to take it out of the bag and scan it again.” So, you waltz back over to the checkout line (basically shoving the person behind you out of the way to get back in line to pay for that one item) and wait for the cashier to ring up the item. They then print out another receipt, put it back in your bag, and say “sorry for the inconvenience, have a nice day.”


This story is the perfect comparison of graphic designer-client relationship on a daily basis.


Clients, you are the cashier, carefully going through all of your wish-list items for your ad, asking for advice, approving a final product, signing the final proof, and then of course…changing your mind. This causes me, the graphic designer, who has already moved on to the next task, to push another client’s project to the side to go back and work on yours. In turn, making the other client angry, having to shred the signed-approval, fix the problem, re-send for approval again, and re-file the newly signed approval.


It may not seem like a big deal, but depending on the situation, this can consume hours of unnecessary time and creative juice that could have been spent on a different project.


At the risk of sounding cliche, us graphic designers have a creative workflow and when disturbed can lead to no creativity, or a loss of focus. Kind of like writer’s block, ya know? And the simple fact is that it’s not necessary. Just giving your ad/project one final, thorough, check-over can save both you and your designer a lot of time. It also helps to avoid spelling errors, incorrect information, outdated fine print, and other common causes of reprints and unhappy clients. The designers job is to make it look good, not check for accuracy (although we obviously glance over for blaring issues).


Alright my rant is over…just kidding no it’s not…(see what I did there?)

From a designer who cares, writing to my busy bee clients, please remember to thoroughly check over your ad/project before approving it. Although this blog post is silly, and we mean no harm by it, we just wanted to put things into perspective.

Happy proofing my friends 🙂

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Lanie Whitaker