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Leap Into Exciting Marketing This February

Marketing is hard enough when the sun is shining and the tourists are pouring onto the beach in droves. But in February? Not so much. It takes a little bit of creativity and innovation to keep people coming back in the off-season, and while it may seem like everyone is hibernating, that’s not actually the case!

Social media strategists hear “But nothing interesting is happening!” and “I don’t know what to post on Facebook!” nearly every day from their clients. And it’s truly hard! Creating content when things are slow is challenging, but why reinvent the wheel? Here are some occasions happening in February that you can adapt for your own marketing with just a little outside-the-box thinking.


Week 1:

Carolina made it to the Super Bowl which means that we have to celebrate! Over 100 million people will tune into the big game, so you’re really missing out on a great marketing opportunity if you don’t work it into your posting schedule. Engage your Facebook fans! Everyone is talking about football during the week leading up to the Super Bowl, even if they’re not regular fans. The day of the game, offer a special menu, discounted drink prices, or even a buffet. Set up activities on your deck or in the parking lot to keep patrons entertained too.


Week 2:

Valentine’s Day is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of February. Cash in on those hearts and flowers! Do you own a shop that specializes in unique gifts, jewelry, or art? Host a “Spouse Open House” where you offer to help significant others pick something out for their sweethearts. This is a great way to move inventory that might have been sitting since the holidays and will introduce new customers to your business.


Week 3:

February is the height of awards season! From the Grammys to the Academy Awards, there’s so much glitz, glam, and popular culture to capitalize on. If you own a bar or restaurant, plan an Oscar’s party, complete with themed hors d’oeuvres, big screens showing the red carpet and awards show, and maybe even a costume contest. Or make it black tie and roll out a red carpet of your own.



Week 4:

February is extra long this year! 2016 is a Leap Year, something that only happens once every four years. If we didn’t have them there would be an extra 11 minutes at the end of each year. Take advantage of the extra day! Schedule tweets to post at 11 minutes after the hour all day on February 29, or have a flash sale (“Prices only good once every four years!”). There’s a lot of folklore about marriage and Leap Years, so if your business offers any kind of wedding service this might be the day for a special sale or promotion.

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Meg Puckett