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Producing over half a million copies of our Outer Banks magazines makes us one of the top publication companies on the Outer Banks. With each of our four different publications, we feature entertainment, restaurants, activities, local info, OBX weddings, Outer Banks living, and much more!

Outer Banks Restaurant Guide
Outer Banks Wedding Guide
My Outer Banks Home
The Guide To Duck & Corolla

Branding, Marketing & Advertising

Not sure how or where to market yourself? Our team of experts can help you choose which areas of branding, marketing, and advertising you need help with, and if you are starting from scratch, we can make your idea come to life! We won’t stop there…we design and print/produce all materials for you. Three Dog Ink Media is your one-stop shop!

Graphic Design

Our graphic design work doesn’t stop at brochures and small print materials; we do everything from logos to billboards to event signage. Need a menu for your restaurant or even just a new business card? Doesn’t matter! We can handle your project. Look and feel professional while making a lasting impression on your customers.

Web Design

The best way to advertise your business now is with a responsive website. Sixty percent of your customers look for you on the web before they ever step foot in your door or make an attempt to contact you. Having a responsive website means that layout of your website adjusts based on the size of the screen where it is viewed. We can help determine whether or not your website is ready for the upcoming season!

Social Media

Marketing your business doesn’t stop at print materials and websites. Make sure that your presence on social media is apparent! Consumers like to see that your business is full of fresh news to share. At Three Dog Ink, we share your content on our own pages that have thousands of followers. We can also share them on your social media and link to your website.

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Don’t see the service you need listed here? I’m sure we can do it, and do it well. Let’s get to talkin’!


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